Olivia Erickson

AGE 23 | 5+ Years EXP. | PAY RATE $10-20 / hr.

I am a 5th grade teacher and have had type one diabetes for 13 1/2 years. I have experience babysitting type 1 diabetics as well as having a Type 1 Diabetic student.
Crystal Laplante

AGE 36 | 5+ Years EXP. | PAY RATE $15 an hour

I taught until I was diagnosed as a type one and had a major surgery the next year. Ive been a behavioral health professional for the past five years which is challenging yet rewarding work.
Reagan Dunn

AGE 17 | 2-5 Years EXP. | PAY RATE $10-15

I have experience with T1D as I have been nannying for a T1D kiddo! I am most familiar with the T-slim x2 pump and Dexcom g6 but I am eager to learn other systems!
Kristen Smith

AGE 22 | 5+ Years EXP. | PAY RATE $15-20/hour

I have had Type 1 diabetes for 14 years and have learned how to control my blood sugars to a narrow range. I love working with children and have had lots of experience working with and teaching small children. I can play and teach violin, and love classical music. 🎶 I like craft work, cleaning, and baking/cooking.
Sophia Roesler

AGE 18 | 2-5 Years EXP. | PAY RATE $18-20/hour

I am currently taking a Gap Year due to Covid and am planning on attending Northeastern in fall 2021. I have been babysitting T1D families for about 3 years and have plenty of experience handling different pumps/CGMs. I have just recently started using the loop system with Omni pod and Dexcom but have experienced firsthand injections, the Medtronic 670 pump and a variety of CGMs. I have a 3 year-old little brother that I babysit and have had experience with younger kids. I am also taking serious precautions with Covid and am socially-distancing.
Sydney Rosen

AGE 16 | 2-5 Years EXP. | PAY RATE $15-20 an hour

I was diagnosed in November 2018. I have 3 younger sisters. I play soccer and run track for Ridgefield High School. My hobbies are skateboarding, bike riding, and occasionally like to play video games.
Kathryn Harms

AGE 28 | 1-2 Years EXP. | PAY RATE $25-30/hour

I am a young professional living with type 1 diabetes in North Boulder. I love having fun with games, educational activities, and recreation! I enjoy providing safe, fun, and engaging care to ensure peace of mind for your family.
Sarah Fresvik

AGE 19 | 1-2 Years EXP. | PAY RATE $15-20/hr

Hi my name is Sarah and I am a college student home for the summer. I was diagnosed with T1D 11 years ago and am celiac. I am comfortable managing blood sugar levels and pumps/CGMs (most comfortable with omnipod).
Kaitlyn McElroy

AGE 17 | 2-5 Years EXP. | PAY RATE $12

Hello! I'm 17 and I'll be starting college in the fall to study biology pre-med. My younger brother has been diabetic for 8 years now, so I have plenty of experience with diabetes(CGM, insulin pump, Omnipod, needles, and looping).
seioghao argio

AGE 31 | 2-5 Years EXP. | PAY RATE $20-40

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